Luxury Home Tours: Biringer Builders' Modern Farmhouse

How Biringer Builders' design and innovation is helping one community support local charities.

Last month, we introduced you to the Hallsley Street of Hope, a beautiful Southern Living Inspired Community that’s supporting local charities with innovation.

Join us as we take an inside look behind the design and innovation of Biringer Builders’ modern farmhouse, exclusively created for the Hallsley community.

Builder: John Waters and Justin Calliott of Biringer Builders

Design: Dawn Wolf of Dawn Wolf Designs

5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 3,645 square feet

Pella: What drew you to be a part of the Hallsley Street of Hope project?
John Waters:
We are passionate about what we do and the communities that we do it in, so when the opportunity to be a part of the Hallsley Street of Hope was presented, it was an easy decision for us. In the end, this was a good opportunity for us to blend the classic American architecture we love with modern conveniences, technology and design that make this home truly special.

biringer builders master bedroom with wood ceilings and floors and a large bed with lots of pillows.

modern farmhouse bathroom with a large wooden double vanity and black-trimmed windows

Where did the inspiration behind the home come from?
John Waters:
The inspiration actually came from a family trip to North Carolina. As we were driving through the rural areas and seeing the classic farmhouses, we were captivated by the charm. In the Southern Living community, we were able to take some of that inspiration from North Carolina and create more of a modern farmhouse.

What do you admire most about the home?
Justin Calliott:
I love that the windows and doors are true to the modern farmhouse style. When we looked at Pella’s offerings, we were able to find styles that were very traditional and classic, yet modern enough to meet the needs of the vision of the home. The doors are big and bright and upstairs you’ll actually find a unique door that opens to a second-floor terrace. It’s quite stunning.

southern gothic living room metal-framed furniture and large fireplace

southern style kitchen with green island and barstools.

We love the green island in the kitchen. What inspired the design for that room?
Dawn Wolf:
Very early on in the planning process, we decided that we wanted to have not only traditional elements of a Southern kitchen, which you’ll see in our reclaimed oak island, simple penny tile backsplash and white cabinets. But we also wanted to add some modern touches – the green pop for the island was an early inspiration for that. Overall, the room is a mix of styles. It’s warm and inviting, like a farmhouse should be, but it also has personal, unique touches.

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