Window of the Future Unveiled at AIA 2018

Automated technology never looked so chic.

Last week, the Pella team unveiled its first automated concept window during AIA 2018. We sat down with Senior Industrial Designer Jennifer Tuetken to learn more about the research and inspiration behind this beautifully chic, modern masterpiece. This could very well be the window of the future.

window of the future pella concept window AIA 2018

Pella: What influenced the design of the concept window?
Three macro factors influenced the design:

- Unseen technology and how we use it in our daily lives.

- Architectural reduction and the movement toward more glass and less frame and decorative elements in design.

- New behavioral norms of people and how they interact with their physical built environment.

We also looked all around within the realms of fashion, architecture, automobile, etc. and examined some of the specific trends happening there. For example, Tesla’s car hardware is completely flush with the body of the car until you walk up to it, and then it pops out without you even having to touch it.

So, we began to ask ourselves: What if our hardware disappeared or was controlled remotely through an app, fob or voice activation?

How does the function and design of the window benefit homeowners?
This new automated, 4x6 window features two highly reflective mirrored pieces of gray glass, which are controlled through an app. When you tell the window to open, the bottom piece of glass has to tilt in and move behind it like a van door would. It completely changes the relationship you have with the physical product. It’s now serving you and reacting to your physical desires.

From a design standpoint, when the window is closed, there are no visible breaks and the window has a sleek and unified look. Another plus is, because there is no window sash, there are no funky shadows like what you would get with a double-hung window. Lastly, having all glass on the inside and outside makes it a lot easier to clean.

What is your hope for the concept window beyond AIA?
We don’t just want to design products for the sake of design. Our goal and passion is putting the customer first and aligning our products with their needs and desires. My hope is that the concept window sparks conversation and curiosity so we can dream together and create a beautiful window for the future.

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