10 Best Paint Colors for 2019

Pick the perfect palette for every room in your home.

Redefine your home’s distinctive style in the new year with a refined interior paint color palette. From edgy and bright to muted and moody, all eyes are on these top trending 2019 paint colors, so you can’t go wrong with the hues we’ve collected here.

blueprint paint color behr color of the year 2019 paint colors

Blueprint by Behr
Warmer than denim and softer than navy, Behr’s color of the year creates a hopeful, endearing and bold vibe in whatever room it’s featured in.

watery paint color behr 2019 paint colors

Watery by Behr
A beautiful complement to Blueprint, Watery will give any room an airy, head-in-the-clouds feel. Layer with similar pastels and light neutrals to create a luxuriously relaxing environment.

blue metal paint color behr 2019 paint colors

Blue Metal by Behr
We love this color as an alternative to charcoal-colored window trim – both inside and outside the home. If used for the window trim, pair with a lighter interior and exterior wall color. Otherwise, if your window trim is white and you’d like to keep it that way, use on interior walls to create a beautiful contrast.

cavern clay Sherwin Williams color of the year 2019 paint colors

Cavern Clay by Sherwin Williams
While Behr’s color of the year leans to the cooler side of things, Sherwin Williams’ Cavern Clay is anything but cool. A warm terracotta color, Cavern Clay is the perfect blend of modern style and Southwest soul and works well in dining rooms and kitchens.

origami white Sherwin Williams paint color

Origami White by Sherwin Williams
A versatile neutral, Origami White is not only a lovely complement to Sherwin Williams’ color of the year (pictured above), but it’s also a great color to use for an entire room if you want something soft and subtle

twilight mist Valspar purple paint colors 2019

Twilight Mist by Valspar
Purple lovers of the world, rejoice! This hue remains a top must-have for 2019 interior design, with Valspar naming it as one of their colors of the year. Though cooler than last year’s trending Wisteria shade of purple by Sherwin Williams, we love Twilight Mist for its crisp violet aura that complements clean, modern style.

Valspar lime mousse paint color 2019 trends

Lime Mousse by Valspar
Valspar paint experts predict playful and electric colors to take center stage in 2019. Of those colors, lime mousse is by far one of the most apt to make a statement if you’re looking to make a drastic change.

mystical purple Valspar 2019 paint trends

Mystical Purple by Valspar
This dreamy purple is both complex and calming, perfect for a reading nook, entryway or home office. Pair with white window trim and sheer curtains to create the ultimate daydreamer experience.

Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore 2019 paint colors interior design

Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore
Like Behr’s Blue Metal 2019 color choice, we love Kendall Charcoal for a dark window trim option, but it also works well in a living or entertainment room.

Head Over Heels by Benjamin Moore 2019 paint colors

Head Over Heels by Benjamin Moore
The design team at Benjamin Moore loved this color so much, they made it one of their top picks for 2019 and named it accordingly. Use this soft orange and blush tinted neutral in a bathroom or living room to create a harmonious and confident space.

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