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10 Pin-Worthy Designs to Inspire Your Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, deciding what you want in terms of style, functionality and comfort may be the most intimidating step. Get inspiration for your dream kitchen from these 10 beautiful yet practical designs.

1. Bright and Cheery
To make your kitchen look bigger and brighter, natural light is your go-to design element. Expansive windows help bring in the beauty of the outdoors for a look that never goes out of style.

We recommend a light color palette and smooth granite countertops to help bounce light around the room for added radiance.

dark brick and wood kitchen
Pella® Impervia® Fiberglass Fixed Windows

2. Rustic Modern
For a rustic look with an urban twist, brick and wood make a great combination. Brick radiates a warm vibe while delivering an element of surprise. And smooth blonde wood countertops can help offset brick’s rough and rugged texture.

3. Understated Modern
If you’re trying to achieve an up-to-date yet classic look, remember that less is more. Sleek finishes, light colors and simple fixtures help create a space that’s both stylish and inviting. Lightweight, tasteful windows perfectly complement this low-key aesthetic.

open space with living area and kitchen
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4. Open Concept
Anyone who’s watched HGTV knows that this trendy design concept is in high demand. A seamless transition between eating and living areas makes this layout perfect for socializing. It’s no surprise that this roomy concept is preferred by families who have small kids or like to entertain.

Consider Pella® Architect Series® contemporary sliding patio doors to expand the open concept beyond the walls of your home. 

black dining table and red bar stools in modern kitchen
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5. Dark and Bold
Are you the type who likes to make a statement? Dark and bold accents might be your best bet. Matte black paint and furniture create instant drama, especially when paired with a playful accent color, like bright red. This classy trend is growing in popularity – and sure to leave an impression on your guests.

farmhouse-style hardwood kitchen
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6. The Hardwood Haven
For a traditional, elegant look, hardwood is sure to deliver. Classic and versatile, wood helps create anything from a cozy, farmhouse-style kitchen to a rich, craftsman-style space. And there’s no reason to limit wood to your floors. A complementary wood dining table and simple wood windows can add even more warmth to your home.

modern living room and kitchen with light wood
Pella® Architect Series® Contemporary Wood Hinged Patio Door and Fixed Windows

7. Modern Minimalist
While minimalist kitchens may seem basic at first, bold lines, open space and quality materials create a striking aesthetic. Start with a neutral tone, like gray, white or beige, and add pops of color for a little personality. Midcentury-style furniture and contemporary windows help create a space that’s both chic and comfortable.

large window behind sink in red kitchen
Encompass by Pella® Fixed Window

8. The Small Kitchen
Older homes and apartments tend to devote less square footage to the kitchen. However, a little creativity can help make your small space more functional. Counter-depth refrigerators give you more room to move around. Plus, built-in microwaves and hanging pot racks help you clear up counter space. Think about incorporating wide-paned windows to create the illusion of a larger room.

Scandinavian dining table leading into kitchen
Pella® Architect Series® Contemporary Wood Sliding Patio Door and Fixed Windows

9. Scandinavian Design
Closely related to minimalism, Scandinavian design pairs light colors with wood grains and soft lighting. The result is a harmonious, open atmosphere that’s both sophisticated and inviting. Natural light shining through large windows and glass doors and strongly accented lines add to the clean, timeless look.

wood country kitchen with slate floors
Pella® Architect Series® Wood Awning and Fixed Windows

10. The Country Cabin
No matter where you live, you can turn to the country for kitchen inspiration. Oak or cherry wood cabinets give off a homey, rural feel. Plus, tile countertops and stone floors evoke the classic farmhouse aesthetic. Add a barn door to your pantry to complete the look with a playful statement.

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