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My retainers are not holding glass or screen in the door


Ensure the glass or screen on your Pella storm door is properly secure.

Causes and Solutions

The retainers on your Pella storm door will only fit the glass or the screen separately.

People, Time and Skill

  • one person
  • less than 30 seconds
  • minimal or no handyman skills


Choose the glass or the screen and reinstall the retainers.

Below are tips and instructions for installing the retainer strips on your Pella storm door.

People, Time and Skill

  • one person
  • approximately 30 minutes
  • minimal or no handyman skills


Make sure the glass or screen insert is centered into the door. If it is off to one side that could interfere with the retainer installation.

Try installing them with the door open. Sometimes getting at them from a different angle makes a lot of difference.

Only push or snap the strip in at 2" to 5" intervals.

Spray glass cleaner or something similar on the retainer. The light lubricant in it helps the retainers go in more easily.

When installing the retainer, hold the strip at about a 45 degree angle to the side of the glass, and then start the end of the strip into the track in the middle of the door. Slide the retainer up or down from there and every couple of inches push the retainer in with your fingers. Make sure the edge with the writing on it is facing you. The open side of the retainer should be facing the insert. When you get to the end, you will hear a "snap" as the last portion of the retainer goes in.

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