Pella Care Guarantee

Even the best-performing window or door is only as good as its installation. That’s why we do more than just protect your new products – we also cover the installation.

As part of The Pella Promise, your project is backed by our Pella Care Guarantee – our package of product warranties and installation warranty and service agreement that cover your products and their installation – including labor – for up to 10 years.

The Pella Promise is available for replacement customers who purchase Pella products from and have them installed directly by their local Pella Window and Door Showroom.

What exactly is the Pella Care Guarantee?

Our exclusive package comes standard and gives you added protection for your project.

  • Product Warranty for the product purchased plus 10-Year Installation Warranty and Service Agreement.
    • First two years: Limited Product and Installation Warranties.
      • Coverage, including labor, for product and installation related issues is free.
    • Year three through ten: Limited Product Warranty and Installation Service Agreement.
      • Coverage for product related issues (as defined by your product warranty).
      • Coverage for installation related issues.
      • If a service call is required for product or installation related issues, there will be a service fee of $75 per product (adjusted for inflation based on the consumer price index).

Read Pella’s installation warranty and service agreement for complete details.

Pella makes it easy to access your warranties and service agreement.

  • We keep electronic records on your project – no need to keep original contracts or receipts.
  • If service is needed, a national network of local Pella service professionals is in your neighborhood.
  • Your warranties and service agreement are transferrable should you sell your home – with no paperwork required.

From start to finish, the Pella team builds, sells, installs
and services our products.

  • The Pella team manufactures our products, and then designs installation instructions for each product type to help ensure maximum performance. So no matter which product or installation type is best for your home, they’re covered by the Pella Care Guarantee.*
  • You can count on your Pella Expert Installer, who is recertified annually and leads your installation, to ensure your Pella products will not only look beautiful, but perform beautifully, year after year.

Read Pella’s installation warranty and service agreement for complete details.

The Pella Promise is not available for purchase through lumberyards, national home centers such as Lowe's and through independent contractors, including Pella Certified Contractors, Pella Select Contractors or builders. It is also not available on new construction or commercial jobs.

*Installation warranty and service agreement does not apply to storm doors.

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