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Yes, this is normal as Pella vinyl products have four corner welding. When you weld a corner, the process does create an area of excess vinyl. Our manufacturing process does take steps to trim this off, creating a similar look on all corners. The strength of the corner weld comes from making sure that these surfaces are fully welded together, so care is taken not to trim too much excess vinyl away - creating a weakness in that area.

Refer to the owner's manual to find where your product ID label is located. Then call your local Pella Window and Door Showroom or call Pella customer service at 800-374-4758.

Replacement parts for your Pella products may be obtained from the place of purchase or your local Pella Window and Door Showroom . If you feel service is required, the Pella representatives can also schedule a service appointment for you.

Please contact your local Pella Window and Door Showroom or Pella sales representative.

When interior humidity levels are high, relative to cooler outdoor temperatures, condensation can form on the coldest surface in a room - often the glass in a window or door. While windows and doors do not cause condenstation, they may be one of the first places it shows up. For more detailed information, click here to view the Pella Service and Maintenance booklet on condensation.