Most-requested installation information

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions and problems owners experience while installing their windows.

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Current instructions and animated videos for installing Pella windows, doors and installation accessories can be found on InstallPella.com.

There are many construction types and scenarios in which Pella products can be installed. Printed instructions are no longer sent on most Pella products because of the variation in construction types.

The filtering selections on InstallPella.com can be used to locate the instruction or video that most closely matches the situation in which the product will be installed.

Yes, a local locksmith would be able to key your Pella vinyl sliding patio door to match an existing door on your home.

It is important to plumb, level and square your product so the unit operates correctly. If the unit is not installed properly, it could jeopardize the functionality and performance of the unit.

Yes, the multipoint lock on Pella entry door systems can be re-keyed by a locksmith.

All fire-rated doors are required to be labeled as such. Pella Entry Doors that are fire-rated will have two foil stickers. The first sticker is silver and is located on the frame or jamb. The second sticker will either be black or red depending on the minute rating. A 20-minute rated panel will have a black sticker and a 90-minute rated panel will have a red sticker.

Yes, you can reverse the slide of a patio door prior to the installation. The instructions to do this are included with every vinyl patio door. This option is not available on the vinyl patio doors with blinds-between-the-glass. Please note: This cannot be done on wood sliding patio doors.

If your vinyl products are warped from the sun, there is not anything you can do to "straighten" them. As written on your product label, you should remove all packaging and store out of direct sunlight prior to installation.

Contact Pella Customer Service at (866) 209-4260 and they can provide the installation instructions you need.