Storm Door Glass Cleaning


How-to clean the glass, decorative stained glass and the decorative caming on your Pella® storm door.


storm door glass cleaning instructions


FIRST CLEANING: Use a mixture of one part vinegar with four parts water to remove the protective coating (for shipping purposes) from the glass.

CautionDO NOT use an ammonia-based cleaner for the first cleaning of the glass.

ROUTINE CLEANING: Use any household glass cleaner.


ONE-OF-A-KIND ORIGINALS: The stained glass on your Pella panel is hand crafted. Slight imperfections or variation of color are normal. No two glass panels are exactly alike.

CLEANING THE STAINED GLASS: Use a household glass cleaner or mild soap and water to clean the stained glass.


Use a household glass cleaner or mild soap and water to clean the caming.

For Bright Brass and Satin Nickel caming ONLY: You may use a quality brass polish or brass cleaner. Follow the product's directions and carefully wipe down the caming. Be sure to wipe all of the cleaner from the glass. Use a toothbrush to carefully remove any cleaner from between the caming edges and the glass.

Cleaning may also be done by using #0000 steel wool. Carefully rub down the caming with light even strokes — avoid touching the glass with the steel wool.

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