Sliding Patio Screen Doors


Pella sliding patio screen doors are hung from the top of the screen. This will provide years of easy operation.


locked position

Architect Series® and Designer Series®

Architect Series and Designer Series sliding patio screen doors are spring-loaded and should close automatically after the closing motion is started. If yours doesn’t, make sure the spring is attached at the top.

To keep the patio screen door from closing automatically, push the door to the fully open position. There is a friction catch that holds the door open.

To lock and unlock your sliding patio screen door, turn the knob located directly beneath the handle.

To remove your sliding screen door for storage, first locate the interior track cover at the top of the door frame (1). Then find the four sets of two screws located under the track cover (2) and unscrew each set one or two turns until the cover becomes loose (3). Remove the track cover. Next, disengage the springs from the door frame (4). Then remove the screen door. Finally, to replace the track cover, position it in place and tighten each set of screws.

interior trackscrews under track cover

screwsspring attachment

Pella® ProLine

sliding screen door lock

The lock on Pella ProLine sliding patio screen doors is operated manually. Push the lever down to lock and up to unlock.

To remove your screen door, remove the two Phillips-head screws located at the top of the screen. Tilt the top portion of the screen away from the sliding door, and lift the screen out of the sill frame track.

StopWARNING: Use caution when children or pets are around open windows and patio doors. Screens are not designed to retain children or pets.

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