Rolscreen Retractable Patio Screen Doors


Architect Series and Designer Series sliding patio screen doors are designed to retract when not in use, providing a clear view when you don't need a screen.


Rolscreen retractable patio screen door

When operating the sliding patio screen door, remember that it features spring action and will spring to the stored position when released.

To close the screen, grasp the handle and pull across smoothly and evenly until the screen latch catches.

To open the screen, push the screen latch button over and allow the screen to return to the stored position.

If the screen cloth becomes disengaged from one of the guides, push the screen cloth to the exterior and then open and close the screen. The screen cloth will retract itself back into the guide.

To clean the screen, make sure it is in the closed position. For normal dust and dirt, use a vacuum cleaner with the upholstery brush attachment, do not power-wash. If necessary, use the exhaust feature to blow debris off the exterior side of the screen. For greasy deposits, use hot water and mild detergent. If you wash your screen, make certain it is dry before operating it.

Rolscreen retractable screen doors manufactured after 2006: To adjust the Rolscreen tension, insert a flat-blade screwdriver into the tensioner adjustment slot at the bottom of the Rolscreen housing. Turn in the direction of the arrow.

StopWARNING: Use caution when children or pets are around open windows and patio doors. Screens are not designed to retain children or pets.

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