Removing the Movable Panel on Sliding Patio Doors for Finishing


Before finishing the wood sliding patio door, two people will be needed to remove the movable (vent) door panel.


removing sliding patio door panel

For Architect Series® and Designer Series®

  • Unlock and open the (vent) panel.
  • Remove the screw that attaches the panel retainer to the roller retainer. Remove the panel retainer.
  • To ensure there is enough clearance to lift the panel, lower the panel by removing the dust plug from each side of the panel, inserting the screwdriver and turning counterclockwise.
  • Grasp the panel from the exterior and lift the bottom off the track and away from the sill. If the panel cannot be lifted high enough for the rollers to clear the track, lower the panel for more clearance.

For Pella® ProLine

  • Using an 8" screwdriver, remove the screw at the bottom of the interior handle insert. Lift the insert from the handle and remove the pan head screws to release the interior and exterior handle.
  • Remove the retainer angle (mounted on the exterior of the sill).
  • Open the (vent) panel approximately 12".
  • Grasp the panel from the exterior and lift the bottom off the track away from the sill. If the rollers will not clear the track, adjust the rollers by turning the roller adjustment screws counterclockwise for more clearance.

To replace the operating/opening panel on any of the doors, follow their respective instructions in reverse order.


CAUTION: Be sure to protect the aluminum cladding from scratches and dents during the finishing process.

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