Painting Fiberglass Entry Door


Painting your fiberglass Architect Series®, Pella® or Encompass by Pella® entry door.


Selecting Your Door Paint

If you are going to paint your entry door panel, be sure to ask a qualified paint/finishing professional to recommend a paint with good blocking resistance. Don’t rely on a paint’s price or brand name in making your selection — an expensive paint may not necessarily offer good blocking resistance. Failure to use a high-quality paint with good blocking resistance may result in a door that sticks shut even after the paint has dried.

Painting Fiberglass

If painting a fiberglass door, sidelights and glass frames, no priming is needed. Promptly paint all exterior surfaces, including door panel edges, with two coats of quality exterior paint with good blocking resistance. Then paint all interior surfaces with two coats of quality interior paint with good blocking resistance.


NOTE: Applying thick layers of paint may hide the grain texture of the door panel.

  1. Stir paint well.
  2. Wet only the tip of the brush, and apply one thin coat. Brush in the direction of the grain.
  3. Apply paint to various door components first, such as the door edges, brickmould, jambs, mullions, glazing frames and wood frames. Then paint the panel.
  4. Clean brush with mineral spirits or paint thinner.
  5. Wait at least six hours between each coat application of the paint. Finish must be completely dry before applying the next coat. Do not sand between coats.
  6. Repeat Steps 1 – 4 for each additional coat applied.

NOTE: No clear topcoat is needed for painted units.


CAUTION: Finish all exposed door panel edges, including the top edge. This helps reduce the chance of warping. After finishing the entry door system, allow the door to dry completely, in accordance with the paint manufacturer’s directions, before closing it.

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