Installing Wrought-Iron Grilles


How-to install wrought-iron grilles on your fiberglass or steel entry door panel.


Make sure the set screws are backed out so they don’t interfere with the pin. Locate the top of the grille where the fixed pin is located (A). Open the packet of hinge pins. Hold the grille up to the panel, and install the fixed pin into the top left bracket on the panel.

Align the right top hinge, and insert the hinge pin (B). For slight misalignment between the bracket and the barrel on the grille, the pin can be tapped in place to overcome slight interference. Place a wood block against the pin to avoid damage to the finish. Install the pins into the lower hinges, and tap in place if necessary (C). When all hinge pins are installed, tighten set screws in the brackets with provided Allen wrench (D).

If needed, brackets can be adjusted slightly by loosening the mounting screws, then repositioning the bracket and retightening the mounting screws.

fixed pin locationinsert hinge pinlower hinge pins

tighten set screws

NoteNOTE: Wrought-iron grilles may only be installed on door panels provided with factory-installed brackets on the door panel.

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