Finishing Entry Door Frames


Finishing your Architect Series®, Pella® or Encompass by Pella® entry door frame.


Finishing the Frames

  • Factory-primed interior frames — If you have purchased wood frames with factory-primed interiors, be sure to clean the surface and paint all surfaces promptly with two coats of quality interior paint.
  • Unprimed interior frames — If the interiors of your door and sidelight frames are not factory-primed, they may be stained. Apply stain and clear finish according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Wood exterior frames — The exterior of wood frames are factory-primed, but the factory-applied primer is not intended for long-term exterior exposure. The exterior wood frame must be painted immediately after installation. Clean the surface, and finish promptly with two coats of quality exterior paint.
  • Aluminum-clad exterior frames — The aluminum-clad exterior protected by the Pella® EnduraClad® finish doesn’t need painting. Clean the surface with warm, soapy water. Stubborn stains and deposits may be removed with mineral spirits.

CAUTION: Do not use abrasive or caustic solvents as they may damage your entry door. Do not scrape or use tools that might damage the surface. Do not power-wash.

If your cladding becomes dull, you can use a quality car cleaner and wax to restore the shine. Should you need it, touch-up paint is available at the Pella Window and Door Showroom nearest you.

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