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Regional Considerations

Your weather and your windows

Choosing the right window also means considering any special weather conditions in your area. Hurricanes, deep cold, strong sun and heat, and consistent moisture all present special challenges, but Pella has a window that will keep your home and your family protected.

Get details on what to consider for your regional conditions:

If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, it’s a good idea to help protect your windows and doors from wind, water and flying debris – and in some places, this additional protection is mandated by building codes.

HurricaneShield® Impact-Resistant Glass

  • HurricaneShield impact-resistant glass is created by sandwiching an exceptionally strong polymer layer between two sheets of glass. The polymer interlayer holds the glass together if it is broken. In fact, HurricaneShield impact-resistant glass is able to withstand an impact equivalent to that of a 2-by-4 traveling at 50 feet per second.
  • Pella windows and patio doors with HurricaneShield impact-resistant glass offers strong protection from flying debris ― while increasing safety, security, ultraviolet protection and energy efficiency ― without unsightly shutters.
  • These products meet Dade County code – the country’s most stringent.

Seacoast-Worthy Window and Door Exteriors

Pella's wood windows and doors with low-maintenance EnduraClad® aluminum exteriors are designed to withstand the harshest weather and look great year after year.

In extremely cold climates, the window frame material you choose is important. It should provide excellent insulating qualities — in other words, it should keep the cold outside where it belongs.

Best Insulating Frames

  • Wood is an outstanding insulator; in fact it insulates 1,800 times better than aluminum. (When you were a child, ever remember sitting next to those old-fashioned aluminum school windows? Brrr.)
  • Fiberglass composite windows and doors are also an excellent choice ― they offer the insulating quality of wood and won't turn brittle or shatter in extreme cold.
  • Vinyl windows and patio doors feature insulating air chambers inside their frames to increase insulating performance.

Best Insulating Glass

  • Windows and doors with double- or triple-panes Low-E insulating glass with argon (or another insulating gas) in between the panes will maximize the comfort and energy efficiency of your home when the temperature plunges.
  • Pella windows and doors with Low-E triple-pane glass are #1 for energy efficiency among top national brands.*

*Designer Series® windows and patio doors with Advanced Low-E triple-pane glass have superior NFRC U-Factors and SHGC ratings.

Heat-Resistant Frames

If you live in an extremely hot climate, durable fiberglass composite windows and doors are a great choice. They withstand high temperatures without warping or bowing.

Sun-Resistant Glass

  • High-performance insulating glass with special Low-E coatings will reflect the sun's heating and fading rays away from your house.
  • Pella's SunDefense™ Low-E insulating glass has a triple layer of Low-E thermal protection. It blocks up to 95% of the sun's UV rays, helping to keep your home dramatically cooler and more comfortable.

Today's wood windows and doors are engineered to withstand even extremely wet conditions.

Moisture-resistant wood

  • Pella’s EnduraGuard® triple protection formula, together with our immersion treatment method, creates stronger protection on every exterior wood surface of our windows and patio doors.*
  • This innovation provides protection against moisture, stains and decay caused by mold and mildew, as well as termite damage.

Fiberglass and vinyl windows and doors are also good choices for wet climates.

*In testing conducted pursuant to WDMA standard T.M.2-06

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The right choice

Only Pella offers the choice of low-maintenance wood, fiberglass or vinyl windows and patio doors. Other companies only have one type of window to sell you. Pella has the expertise to help you make an educated choice about the right windows and doors for your needs.

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