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Typically, your goal in window replacement would be to stay true to the architectural style of your home — so you get the most authentic look with better energy efficiency, performance and aesthetics.

However, even when simply replacing windows and doors, there are some design changes you can make to improve your satisfaction with your home.

Make a window fashion statement

Lose your old window treatments and choose replacement windows and doors with blinds, fabric shades, grilles or decorative panels protected between the glass. They don't need constant cleaning, won't harbor allergens like curtains do and when used in patio doors, they won't get in the way when you go in and out. Pella offers hundreds of design choices in between-the-glass window fashions. And thanks to Pella's snap-in technology, you can change your between-the-glass window fashions whenever you want. Now, that's home improvement!

Start with a new hardware finish

Create a quality, coordinated look by choosing window and door handles, locks and hinges in a finish that matches other decorative metals in your home — such as light fixtures, cabinet handles and bath fixtures. Satin Nickel and Oil-Rubbed Bronze are just two of the many popular finishes available from Pella.

Freshen up your interior decor

  • For a quality, seamless look, choose the window and door interior finish that coordinates with your home's interior trim.
  • Stained wood, brown fiberglass or almond vinyl windows are additional options that look great with stained wood trim.
  • Choose a white finish in wood, fiberglass or vinyl windows to complement white painted trim.
  • Consider painting your wood windows, doors and trim a lighter shade of your wall color.
  • Painting your windows, doors and trim a darker color than the walls creates a more dramatic look. It frames your view like a mat frames a painting — and really draws attention to your new windows and doors!
  • Whichever color you choose for your windows, doors and trim, choose a high-quality paint with good blocking resistance (the ability of a paint to resist sticking.) Ask a qualified paint professional or nearby extension office to help you find it.

Give your home curb appeal

  • On the outside, choosing a window or door color that blends with your home's exterior is a conservative approach.
  • Windows, doors and trim in a brighter or contrasting color add a pop of personality and draws attention to these architectural elements. Try a darker shade of your exterior siding or stucco color. Or pick up one of the natural tones in your home's stone or brickwork.
  • White windows and trim creates a clean, traditional look.
  • If you have an older home, you'll probably want a historically accurate color scheme. Research historic color charts for shades that would have been used in the era your home was built. For example, on traditional Victorian homes, the darkest colors were used on the window sashes.
  • Pella wood windows and doors feature low-maintenance EnduraClad® exteriors in virtually endless colors. So it's easy to get just the look you want — and there's no need for painting.

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