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Choosing the Right Replacement Window

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Selecting replacement windows and doors is a big decision. And one you don't make every day. Here are some things to consider.

If you like the size and style of your home's original windows, replacing them with the same size and style of window is typically your most affordable option — and you'll stay true to your home's architectural character.

Do they have true-divided-light windowpanes (smaller, individual panes of glass)?
If so, you'll probably want your new windows and doors to have the look of true-divided-light, but with today’s energy efficiency. Pella windows and doors are available with many different grille types and patterns so you can match the look of your old windows.

What color is the hardware?
Choose window and door handles, locks and hinges that match other decorative metals in your home to create a quality, coordinated look.

Is your home's woodwork or trim painted or stained?
Windows and doors with wood interiors can be stained to coordinate with your existing woodwork. Painted wood, fiberglass or vinyl windows look great with painted woodwork.

Modern windows and doors are available with features that make your life easier.

Do you have a busy schedule?
Thanks to today's technology, wood, fiberglass and vinyl windows and doors require little maintenance ― meaning no more scraping and painting the exteriors of your windows and doors.

Do you have children or pets?
Blinds and shades tucked between the glass are a great choice. They're protected from dust, damage and little hands, and there are no cords for kids and pets to get tangled up in.

Do you redecorate frequently?
Pella's between-the-glass window fashions snap in and out, so they're easy to change whenever you want.

Do you have a stunning view?
High-transparency screens or Pella's Rolscreen® retractable window and patio door screens won't get in the way of your scenery and won't detract from your home's curb appeal.

The weather in your area will help determine what kind of glass to choose for your replacement windows and doors.

For cold-weather climates, windows and doors with double- or triple-pane glass with argon provide excellent insulation and draft protection and will help lower your heating bills.

If you have hot, sunny weather — or windows on the side of your house in direct sun — Advanced Low-E or SunDefense™ Low-E insulating glass is a great choice for you. The two layers of thermal protection reflects the sun's heating and fading rays away from your house, keeping it cooler in the summer and helping to protect your furnishings.

If you live in a coastal area prone to hurricanes, Pella's HurricaneShield® impact-resistant glass will meet stringent building codes and provide added protection from wind, water and flying debris.

Locations with temperate weather need the basic energy efficiency of Low-E insulating glass (double-pane glass with airspace in between).

There are many things that affect the price of a replacement window or door, and generally, the material you choose is a factor. As a guideline, let's compare a basic window in three different materials.

The wood window may cost more — but offers the highest quality appearance and the most design flexibility.

A fiberglass window is typically a mid-range choice.

A vinyl window may offer the least expensive option.

However, when you add high-performance glass and other special features, the cost differences can vary. In other words, a premium vinyl window with lots of extra features can cost as much as a wood window. Your choice should work for your needs.

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