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Parts of a Door: Terms and Definition for Pella Doors
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Knowing the right names for parts of your door can help you avoid confusion.

The door industry has its own language for things, as you might expect. Door manufacturers, door installers, and contractors may all speak to you using a variety of terms.

Learn how Pella defines door parts and components.

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Exterior Parts of a Hinged Patio Door

  • Astragal
    A vertical molding that serves as the center post between a pair of hinged door panels.
  • In-Swing
    A hinged-door panel that swings to the inside when opened.
  • Threshold
    A decorative component that lies at the bottom of a sliding or hinged glass door that serves as a transition from the door sill to the interior flooring.
  • Weatherstrip (Not shown)
    A bulb-and-leaf or foam compression system that helps prevent air and water infiltration.

Hardware and Interior of a Hinged Patio Door

  • Hinged Glass Panel
    The glass panel on Designer Series ® patio doors that opens inward to allow access to our snap-in-between-the-glass blinds, shades and grilles.
  • Out-swing
    A hinged door panel that swings to the outside when opened.
  • Multipoint Lock
    A one handle locking system that secures a door at two or more locking points.
  • Strike and Strikeplate
    A metal plate affixed to a door jamb with a hole or holes for the bolt of the door. The strikeplate latches to the strike when engaged.
  • Sweep
    An energy-efficient and weather-resistant weatherstripping system at the bottom of the door that forms a seal against air and water infiltration between the door and the sill.
  • Thumbturn
    The component of a door that extends or retracts with a dead bolt or latch bolt by grasping with the thumb and fingers and turning.

Exterior Parts of a Sliding Patio Door

  • Argon (Not shown)
    An inert, nontoxic gas used in insulating glass units to reduce head transfer
  • Door Roller (Not shown)
    A mechanism located at the bottom of a sliding door that gives the door the ability to slide.
  • Footbolt
    A door-securing bolt that is designed for foot operation and is applied at the bottom of a door.
  • Glass
    A framed sheet of glass within a door panel.
  • Interlocker
    An upright part of a door panel in a sliding glass door which engages with a corresponding piece in an adjacent panel when the door is closed.
  • Sill Track
    The track at the bottom of a sliding glass door frame.

Hardware & Interior Parts of a Sliding Patio Door

  • Fixed Panel
    An inoperable panel of a door. Also known as a passive or inactive door panel.
  • Frame
    The framework that surrounds and supports the entire door system - comprised of the head, jamb and sill.
  • Head
    The main horizontal part forming the top of the door panel.
  • Jamb
    The main vertical parts forming the sides of a door frame.
  • Sill
    The bottom of the frame that rests on the floor.

Hardware & Interior Parts of an Entry Door with Transom and Two Sidelights

  • Cylinder Lock (Not shown)
    A door lock in which a cylinder rotates to move a bolt.
  • Panel
    The part of the door that swings open and closed.
  • Transom
    The fixed glass panel that is installed above the door.
  • Sidelights
    Tall and narrow fixed glass panels that are attached on either side of the door frame.

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