Wood Entry Doors

Pella's exquisitely detailed wood entry doors are crafted in distinct styles to complement your home. Each collection is made with a different aesthetic in mind. To find which best suits your home, view the information below.


Pella’s Traditional Collection is right at home in any home. From trendy to timeless, understated to elaborate and regional to international, these doors provide a warm welcome with sparkling decorative glass and richly detailed wood.


Doors from Pella’s Craftsman Collection bring to life the beauty of nature and the countryside. Their steadfast appearance is softened by artistic embellishments like grilles and a dentil shelf (decorative molding placed beneath the door glass). Their rustic, pastoral designs create a cozy and warm atmosphere characteristic of great American homes.


Pella’s Classic Collection adds historical charm and elegance to your home. With true divided-light grilles and beveled glass, these doors complement other classic features in your home. This collection is the choice for homeowners who desire authenticity down to the finest detail.

Old-World European

Pella’s Old-World European Collection takes you back in time to a more majestic era. With their textured glass and decorative iron accents, these doors provide legendary grandeur and performance.

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