Pella Honors War Heroes with Sit-Up Challenge

The community of Murray, Kentucky is home to a unique and inspirational commemoration of the 40-year anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. Tung Dinh, the owner of a local fitness center and martial arts instructor who fled Vietnam with his family in 1975, and his son Christian completed 58,282 sit-ups in 40 hours to honor every name inscribed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.

In addition, Tung raised money for the Military Warriors Support Foundation, which helps provide support for wounded combat veterans as they transition back into civilian life.

Tung also recruited others to complete 1,000 sit-ups for each of the sit-up he and his son completed. Three Pella team members took up the challenge: Jeremy Phillips, HR manager; Travis Lucas, plant process engineer team leader; and Preston Weatherly, department manager. The Murray plant also donated $500 to the cause.

The difficulty of the challenge, as well as the worthiness of the cause, was what inspired Jeremy to attempt it.

“I tend to do better if I set a fitness goal and have something to work toward, which this event provided,” said Jeremy Phillips. “This is also for a great cause that brought recognition and support to veterans. I have a great deal of respect for Master Dinh and enjoyed working with him to achieve this goal.”

“The task of performing 1,000 sit-ups in under an hour was not as tough as I had expected,” noted Travis. “The motivation was to reach that goal. Falling short was not an option.”

“Master Dinh teaches respect and self-disciple as part of his martial arts instruction, and he applies those principles to his own life every day. His fitness ‘freedom challenges’ that he performs are a testament to his passion for now being an American citizen,” said Preston.

Pella team members are looking forward to the next time Tung puts on a challenge like this to support veterans and celebrate the freedom of life in the U.S.

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