DIY Fall Decor for Your Front Door

Fall is just around the corner and as much as we love summer, we’re ready to embrace everything the new season brings. Pumpkin spice lattes, scarfs and cozy sweaters anyone?

We’re ready. You’re ready. But is your home autumn-ready? We couldn’t think of a better way to welcome the season than showing you how to update your house with a fresh, on-trend look. Give your entryway a seasonal makeover with these three DIY fall décor projects.

Project #1: Wreath

What you'll need: Wreath, 16 inches of burlap cut into 4-inch squares, artificial fall foliage, fall-themed ornaments (optional), small wooden monogram, scissors and glue gun.

Step 1: Cut the burlap into four squares.
Step 2: Fold and glue four pieces of burlap along the sides of the wreath.
Step 3: Glue foliage in between the burlap pieces.
Step 4: Add in fall-themed ornaments.
Step 5: Attach monogram with glue.
Step 6: Hang on front door and enjoy!

Project #2: Glowing Pumpkin

What you'll need: Stencil, carving utensils, plastic pumpkin, paint, paint brush, painters tape, tea light.

Step 1: Trace stencil onto the pumpkin.
Step 2: Use proper utensils to carve out the desired stencil.
Step 3: Use painters tape to wrap around the pumpkin at an angle.
Step 4: Paint top half of angled pumpkin.
Step 5: Let dry.
Step 6: Place tea light inside the pumpkin.
Step 7: Set pumpkin on the porch or steps of your home.



Project #3: Fall Entry Frame

What you'll need: Frame, artificial fall leaves and foliage, fall ornaments (optional), large monogram, two chains (a necklace cut in half would suffice), glue gun, paint and paintbrush (optional).

Step 1: Glue fall foliage to the frame (begin at the corner and follow vertical and horizontal frame length).
Step 2: Glue the fall ornament in the corner of the frame (nestle within foliage).
Step 3: Paint the monogram to match the frame (if desired).
Step 4: Glue the two chains to the back of monogram and attach to the frame.
Step 5: Hang on your front door and enjoy!

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