History of Innovation

Practical problem-solving

From our company's founding, Pella has been a leader in technology and product innovation. In fact, we've been awarded more than 100 product and design patents. Products and features now commonplace throughout the window industry — like the tilt-wash double-hung window — were invented by Pella engineers.

It's in our DNA

Pella's Dutch heritage spurred our company's commitment to practical, commonsense innovation. You won't find Pella developing technology for technology's sake. We are dedicated to building products that make every day easier for you by eliminating life's little nuisances. Like the chore of storing window screens. Constantly dusting your window blinds. Or climbing ladders to clean second-story windows.

From our products to our processes

The word innovative describes more than just Pella's products. From the continuous improvement methods used in building your windows and doors — to the way you can shop for them at 200 Pella Window and Door Showrooms — to even the way we install them in your home. Innovation at Pella is everyone's job. And responsibility. After all, we take our mission to heart — building windows and doors that improve your life. And the home where you live it.

Between-the-glass window fashions

Pella's exclusive innovation eliminates the chore of constantly cleaning window blinds. Snap-in blinds, shades, grilles and decorative panels between panes of glass are protected from dust, damage and little hands.