Cleaning Exterior Glass from the Interior


How-to clean the exterior glass from the interior on wood casement windows.


rotating the egress flipper

Use the casement handle to crank the window wide open (on 29"-wide frame units, rotate the egress flipper).

cleaning exterior casement glass from inside your home

You'll notice the sash moves toward the center of the frame a full 4 inches - you can easily reach through the opening between the sash and the frame to wash the exterior glass from inside the home.

Cleaning egress windows

Some windows have optional emergency-exit (egress) hardware identified by red "Open" labels. These windows are designed to provide a wider opening when fully opened. To wash casement egress windows:

  1. Unlock the sash and crank the roto-operator to position the roto-operator shoe against the "Wash" label on the egress operator slide.
  2. Push the bottom release levers outward to release the hinges.
  3. Slide the edge of the sash toward the center of the window opening. The sill hinges will lock in place and position the sash for washing.
  4. The release lever will automatically reset when the window is closed.

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